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Happy Scouting



Impound – Tue. Jan 16th
  1. Please do your best to ensure your scout’s cars are as close to 5 ounces as possible.  The scale used at the weigh-in is the official scale and will be the only scale that counts as all cars will be using it.
  2. Ensure your scouts car meets the dimensional requirements that we sent out and also attached again here in this email.
  3. Submit the signed sportsmanship agreement by you and your scout.  Also attached here.
  4. Cars with wet paint will not be accepted the day of the weigh-in and therefore not qualify to race on derby day.
  5. Bring any extra weights you can.  We may not have enough for your car.  Pack parents have been kind enough to leave extra weights for cars of other scouts, but that alone does not guarantee there will be enough weights laying around to add to your car at the weigh in
  6. Lubricating the wheels is only allowed in the designated area of the room.
  7. Ensure that all 4 wheels spin before weigh-in to avoid lines at the repair area of the weigh-in.
Tigers/Lions: 6:00pm  Wolves: 6:30pm Bears: 7:00pm Webelos I and II: 7:30pm
Door closes @ 7:50pm
Setup Day – Fri Jan 19th – 6:00pm 
Derby Day – Sat Jan 20th
Scouts will get multiple chances to race their cars.  All scouts within the den will race an equal number of times.  Winners of each den race in the finals at 12:30pm.
Lions– 9:00 am
Tigers – 9:25 am
Wolves – 9:55 am
Bears – 10:40 am
Webelos I – 11:20 am
Webelos II – 11:55 am

Finals – 12:30pm